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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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lacks we begin with breaking the powerball jackpot is world growing. >> wednesday' $1.4 billion. it is a number unheard of in you will see the winning numbers newscenter 5 at 11:00. >> it is good for sharing. >> good afternoon, thank you for
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>> here are some of the stories were following right now. emily: held on $1 million bail. the man accused of shooting a boston police officer last week faced a judge today. grant headley was arrested friday shortly after the erika: also in court, the man charged with murder in the death of 2-year-old bella bond. michael mccarthy will stay behind bars, held without bail. to figure out what caused an early morning fire in gloucester. one man was killed in the blaze. the man suspected of shooting a boston police officer in the leg will stay behind bars for now. erika: the judge set a high bail at his arraignment this morning. newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich is live outside the courthouse in dorchester with the details. todd? todd: this case began with the defendant allegedly selling $20 in crack cocaine last tuesday, the case ended with the defendant grant headley allegedly shooting a boston police officer last friday.
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for $1.5 million cash. several dozen boston police watch the arraignment of 27-year-old grant headley, but the judge allowed headley to courtroom and the camera. headley is accused of firing multiple rounds at officer kurt stokinger friday in dorchester as officers were attempting to take headley into custody on drug charges. headley allegedly got out of his car and started shooting, striking officer stokinger in the leg. others officers captured headley on geneve avenue. >> the defendant was recently released from state prison and was on probation on the suffolk superior court matter when he shot officer stokinger on mount bowdoin terrace. todd: since headley is a convicted felon, it' s illegal for him to be in possession of a he also shouldn' t have been suspended. assault with intent to murder officer stokinger. the officer is now home from the hospital.
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wcvb newscenter erika: right now five. little girl once known as baby doe is being held without bail. michael mccarthy was arraigned on a murder charge in the death of bella bond a short time ago. he is the boyfriend of bella' s mother, who is charged as an accessory. the body of bella bond was found in a plastic bag on deer island mccarthy will be back in court next month. emily: right now investigators these flames tear through a home morning. newscenter 5' s nicole estephan is live at the scene. nicole: the state fire marshal clearing the scene within the last hour. they concentrated their investigation on the second floor of this home. that is where the fire started. they tell us at this point that one victim, a fatality in this case, he was want that she was well known.
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nicole: in the early morning blaze, the neighbors will never forget. >> when i got up and found out it was this i was shocked i couldn' t believe it. nicole: disbelief, overcome by flames, a man grew up in the home and was well known by the community. >> all my life. he grew up with my sons. nicole: when firefighters arrived before 4:00, they say the car in the driveway was a sign someone to be inside. they fought through these heavy flames and attentive to rescue the man. it was too late. >> our attempt to get up the stairs and do a search would be back by the fire. nicole: as neighbors try to grasp the loss of a familiar face, they tell us the victim had recently fallen on tough times and kept to himself. >> i think he was a lonely guy, lived alone. nicole: the cause or made under
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been released. we are live in gloucester. erika: right now worcester hit and run that hurt two it happened last night on s not clear how badly the webster police were that town but it' that ended up being connected to the crash. emily: a suspect will be arraigned today charged in a deadly hit and run in malden. it happened on christmas weekend. 71-year-old yaai chen was struck in a crosswalk on pleasant street. it happened near the assisted living facility where she lived. investigators have not released the name of the suspect. s most wanted criminals. steven stanley was arrested for stealing eyeglasses from an optometry practice last week, after acton police put out an alert about two men acting suspiciously at an optometry office in that town. once in custody, officers found stanley has 9 open warrants for similar charges. he'
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today. erika: return to cindy and the weather. emily: it is a lot colder outside today. cindy: it is not just called. see that camera shaking? that is the story today. things are still over 30 miles per hour across the area. when you combine that strong wind with temperatures that are only in the 20' s, 30' s across the area, we are talking about wind chill. at this hour, low 20' s, boston up through lawrence. they are still in the teens out in the worcester area. 30 degrees in the cave. temperatures are closer to 40 degrees this hour. we have wind and win show going no higher than 20' s this afternoon. we will settle back into the teens into the evening hours. other than a few clouds, these guys are mainly clear. heading right through this evening. a big area of high pressure
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with the between. what i am watching is this little system back here. that is very fast-moving. this will race toward us during tomorrow or by days end, it brings us rain and snow. could even be some snow squalls impact the evening commute. slick roads, reduced visibility are only concern. and let you know how much to expect in a few minutes. erika: sadness sweeping the music world over the passing of a legend. rock icon david bowie has died. he had been waging a secret battle with cancer. abc' s elizabeth hur has more on his career and lasting impact. elizabeth: four decades, legendary musician david bowie entertained audiences around the world. with favorites including young
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superstar, and i believe that his death will be on par with jfk' s, elvis is -- magnificent. calling him a master reinvention. today, we are mourning the loss of a immense british talent. genius is an overused word, but musically, creatively, artistically, david bowie was a genius. elizabeth: born david jones, his unique style and sound influenced generations of musicians. durand durand to madonna, from all. fell to earth. just last friday, on his birthday, he released his 25th
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the album gift to his fans. he is survived by his wife and two children. in a statement, his family said he died peacefully late last night after a courageous, 18 month battle with cancer. york. donald trump in windham, new hampshire, for a rare daytime campaign rally. the appearance comes as the gop candidate begins a week of campaigning focused on early voting states. chelsea clinton will be boston today. the former first daughter will she' s headed to new hampshire on hillary clinton' s plans to expand early childhood education and women' s rights. erika: president obama is preparing for his final state of the union address. he' s expected to discuss economy growth, and address terrorism fears in tomorrow'
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wcvb. that starts at 9:00 tomorrow night, on channel 5. the mbta is holding a meeting today on the 2016 budget. among the main topics the green line extension project. the fiscal and management control board is expected to discuss the sharp escalation in cost estimated for the new part of the green line. the board will also meet on a north quincy real estate project. emily: we could learn more this week about the legal battle in massachusetts, involving fantasy sports sites. a public hearing is set for tomorrow on regulations for boston based draft kings and rival site fan duel . the proposal includes a minimum age of 21 to play and a ban on fantasy games based on college or amateur sports. the boston globe still struggling to get deliveries back on track. for the second sunday in a row, thousands of subscribers did not s because of a shortage in
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to a new vendor. globe executives have hired help get the papers out and service starting today. the inductees in the 2016 red former red sox captain and catcher jason varitek, and the team for 17 seasons have also chosen, the late ira flagstead, an outfielder, who played parts of seven seasons with the sox from 1923-1929. red sox president/ceo emeritus larry lucchino has been chosen as the non-uniformed inductee. ahead at noon a high-profile emily: jury selection was supposed to start today for another officer charged in the freddie gray trial. why a court decided to delay proceedings indefinitely. erika: the cdc out with disturbing new information on how cigarettes are affecting teens who aren' t even lighting up. danielle: cindy: we have sunshine out there today. i' m tracking a burst of rain and snow late tomorrow that could
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expect. emily: the powerball jackpot is growing right now. the record-breaking amount cash that might be claimed in wednesday' s drawing. >> today at 4:30, a brand-new year in a brand-new newscast. newscenter 5 is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. nature's promise. eat well for less. shop with ease at
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emily: right now a murder investigation is underway after an american woman is found dead in italy. 35-year-old ashley olsen' was discovered in her apartment in florence. no word yet on autopsy results but authorities say the florida woman did have bruises and scratches on her neck. police have scoured her building for clues,and questioned her boyfriend and friends but have italy' s expat community is t turn into another amanda knox-style murder investigation. erika: new at noon, a maryland appeals court has delayed the in the death of freddie gray. jury selection was set to start today in baltimore in the trial of officer caesar goodson. but the case was put on hold another of the charged officers goodson' s trial.
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suffered during the van ride. emily: mexican officials have now formally started the process to extradite drug lord el chapo guzman to the united states. that whole process could take at least a year since his lawyer has filed several appeals. el chapo is wanted in several states here. he was re-captured friday after a dramatic prison escape last summer. officials say an interview he did with actor sean penn helped lead them to the drug lord. it was published in rolling stone magazine this weekend. emily: the heroin on cape cod will be front and center today. the u.s. senator ed markey and representative richard neal to talk about the best ways to fight the epidemic in new england. they will all be part of a panel discussion after a showing of an hbo documentary on the crisis. also today massachusetts house speaker robert deleo will be talking about a new effort to fight substance abuse. deleo will reveal new details about a bill making its way through the legislature. it would help with providing
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education and prevention. emily: a group of massachusetts lawmakers are in colorado to see first hand the world of legalized marijuana use. s special committee on marijuana of the drug, and its effect on members will also discuss implementation into the public, and safety steps. emily: could be a major cancer breakthrough. a company is working to develop a simple blood test that could detect any kind of cancer at an early stage. illumina, which is a leader in dna sequencing, is leading the effort to develop the test. the project, which is called grail, is also getting funding from bill gates and amazon founder jeff bezos. a new study has some alarming results. the government now is now finding that few teens are smoking, but secondhand smoke is still a big problem. cdc researchers say nearly half of non-smoking teens in middle school and high school encountered secondhand tobacco smoke in 2013. secondhand smoke has been linked
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pneumonia. emily: check this out. a rare double rainbow captured in this photo of the manhattan skyline yesterday after downpours moved through the nearly two inches of rainfall broke a century-old record there. gave us a pretty picture, too. for a. full rainbows are rare enough. impressive. we had many areas around two inches here yesterday. not the case other today. it is called into the west. danielle: we having cooling down. look at the difference between 24 hours ago. cindy: 10-20 degrees colder, widespread across the area. the difference, we have sunshine back. the storm is gone, it has been pulling and drier and cold air in its wake.
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we get down to the freezing mark in boston, now sitting at 34. it doesn' t feel like it outside. wind out of the west, sustained at 22 miles per hour. gusting over 30 miles per hour. gus f-35, worcester up to beverly. the wind is active and will stay active through at least the early part of this evening and gradually subside during the overnight hours. this is what it feels like outside. forget what the thermometer says. 14 out in worcester, wind chill elsewhere running in the 20' s to around 30 degrees. very chilly out there. s after worcester county. s, closer to 40 degrees, the cold air has and west. we talked about how chicago was only seven degrees. zero right now. below zero for at least 24 hours straight. this is some serious cold working in our direction. as a colder air wraps and in the wake of the storm system, westerly wind picking up
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these are like affect snow bands. these are holding together and traveling across vermont into new hampshire and hanging into western maine. impressive. those will stay to the north. we are talking about mainly clear to partly cloudy skies through this evening and into the overnight hours, as well. as temperatures hold study this afternoon, it will be right, but only blustery side. wind chill getting no higher than the 20' s the rest of the afternoon. look at the windchill if you' re heading out this evening by 5:00 p.m. wind chill, teens and 20' they will drop more by 10 a clock or 11:00. overnight, winter settles down but with meaning clear skies, the temperatures drop out the door tomorrow morning. teens to the lower 20' s. that is it. you want to bundle up as you get your tuesday started. we are watching this. a fast-moving clipper system starved for moisture until it hits the atlantic. secondary storms. this one really intensifies on wednesday. it does it too far to the east.
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of maine or there is a winter storm watch out. the potential is there for more than a half a foot of snow. an inch for many of us until you get side -- outside 128 and 495. there could be one or two inches of snow. it will come very late in the day. it may come as the burst initially of rain. let me show you the timeline. morning hours may get sunshine on in. by 3:00 in the afternoon, we may see rain showers develop across the area. by 7:00 in the evening, a burst of snow showers may get started. these may intensify quickly into some snow squall' s that could make the evening commute outside of 495 very slick. the band of snow will push to the coast line where it starts as rain and was on over to snow and then during the overnight hours, you make it a quick coastline. it is gone by wednesday morning. we clear out on wednesday come system.
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couple that with temperatures near freezing and it will be another blustery one coming up on wednesday. call this wednesday into thursday into friday. weekend, we had the chance of rain or snow in the forecast saturday or sunday. the details. closely. emily: we' s hockey player, who suffered a severe spinal injury during the winter classic. erika: denna laing posted this picture on facebook taken hours before the boston pride took the ice at gillette stadium on new year' s eve. laing went head-first into the boards during the first period. laing writes, for a long time i have been looking for a new challenge. even though i was not expecting it be this, here we go. i don' t want you to feel bad for me. this is a moment to remember for women' s hockey. we made history that day and i would never take those moments back. laing has limited movement in her arms, and no feeling in her legs.
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amazing attitude. growing. emily: the incredible new prize s drawing. globes? actor in a drama. biggest moment of the night. we' ll show the reaction going viral right now. most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. r people don't have access to healthcare v because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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erika: with no winners this weekend, all eyes now turn to wednesday' s powerball drawing. emily: the jackpot now soaring to and growing. $1.4 billion officials with the texas lottery say 25 players did win a 1 million dollar prize. one of those tickets was sold at clarendon wine company on boylston street. wednesday' s jackpot will be the biggest in u.s. history. you' ll see the winning numbers right here during newscenter 5 at 11:00. erika: the stars were out last night for the golden globes in hollywood. the bloody, 1820' s thriller the revenant took home a slew of awards. in an upset, the tale of frontier survival won best drama, best director, and best actor for leonardo dicaprio. emily: speaking of, this may have been the most replayed moment of the night. as lady gaga walked up to accept her award she brushed past
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arm off the chair. erika: the double i roll. emily: very interesting reaction. a vine loop of the look going viral, seen over 25 million times. leo did have an explanation saying, "i just didn' t know what was passing me, that is all." they could have been a wild animal. erika: overanalyze everything. emily: for a guy.
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is the economy rigged? acquired more wealth than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class unless we level
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with your help, as president,
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